Sharm al-Shaikh

Publica hoy el Washington Times:

"Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas declared a mutual truce yesterday in the daily bloodshed that has plagued their peoples for more than four years, forging the brightest outlook for their relationship since the outbreak of hostilities in the fall of 2000."

Por otra parte, Aljazeera:

"Palestinians have responded to the Sharm al-Shaikh Summit with a mixture of scepticism, disappointment, and guarded optimism.

Many Palestinians in occupied Gaza said on Tuesday they saw nothing new from the gathering, having grown tired of summits that have become meaningless by their abundance.

'It's the same old same old. So many summits have come and gone. Besides, it is only security related, nothing more. And if there is no binding agenda, the summit will fail. This is just a delaying tactic being used by Sharon,' said 38-year-old Nahla al-Natur."

El Telegraph publica esta noticia relacionada a la resistencia que se opone a las medidas formuladas por Ariel Sharon para la evacuación parcial de veintiún establecimientos judíos -para un total aproximado de 7,500 habitantes- en la Franja de Gaza durante 2005.