Maturana (1970): Biology of Cognition

This is Maturana's seminal presentation of the concepts and constructs comprising the biology of cognition. Although the material in this paper appears in revised or modified form in many of Maturana's subsequent articles, this remains the single best source for understanding the basic perspectives and positions of his theories. The critical status of this paper is evidenced by its inclusion as the first section of the primary reference book in this area: Autopoiesis and Cognition.

This paper pre-dates the formulation of the concept of 'autopoiesis', so the details of that construct are not covered in this document. However, this must be considered the primary source on the context for defining and treating living systems as autopoietic entities, as well as the phenomenology of the living.

Maturana (1970): Biology of Cognition

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Spiritual Consciousness

Evolution in this sense is not that which occurs by natural selection over generations of human reproduction but evolution brought about by the application of spiritual knowledge to the conduct of human life. Through the application of such knowledge (traditionally the preserve of the world's great religions) to practical self-management, the awakening and development of faculties dormant in the ordinary human being is achieved.

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